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  1. Our apex cheat is currently undetected and can be injected. You can always find the status here, which is updated once the cheat goes offline. https://aimexcheats.com/live-status The Apex cheat is very easy to inject and you dont need to be a expert to use it. We can also help with setting it up. Just contact us on our Discord. You can find a preview of the GUI here:
  2. External, stream and screenshot proof.
  3. The setup consists of: Download the loader Make sure BATTLE.NET or COD are not running Run the loader as administrator Input the Key Launch the game Pretty straight forward. We also have an installer that sets up your PC, which you can run if needed. On rare occasions you might encounter an error, for which we have detailed instructions on how to solve them. And if you still need help you can always contact our Support on Discord.
  4. Here is a video were all functions are visible from the GUI:
  5. We support both Steam and Battle.Net. There are two versions which you will find on the Cheat Panel 🙂
  6. All our products receive constant basic updates such as when a new game patch is released or in case the cheat gets detected at some point. We also push feature updates from time to time. We released our MW2019 / Warzone 1 cheat back in 2020 and its still being updated. If you purchased lifetime back then, you would still have a working and undetected cheat. So no, you dont need to be scared 😄
  7. 22H2 is now supported for Windows 11. It was already working for Windows 10.
  8. Hey, thank you for the interest in AIMEX. Unlike most other providers, we dont participate in pre orders since we believe you should first see what you get before you order something you dont know if it suits you. We are undetected for ~2.5 years now. Very small userbase (compared to others). External cheat. Regular updates.
  9. Hey, our PUBG cheat has not been continued anymore. While we didnt fully discontinue it, but its currently paused because of CoD.
  10. #updated All our COD products are undetected since release, which was over 2 years ago.
  11. It works with both Windows 10 & 11.
  12. Hey, yes indeed war are undetected since release for CoD. Take a look at our detection history:
  13. Hey, using the aim setting "angle" and playing obvious can cause that type of shadow ban. Our cheat is a bit CPU intense, but the most users dont have any larger impact (mostly very old hardware only).
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