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  1. there are tons of different approaches to cheat development and a majority of them don't involve what i believe you're categorizing as "menus" ... theres network exploits for games like EFT that allow you to have esp from your phone/another machine by sniffing network packets ... theres mouse/keyboard cheats that involve no physical file on your computer and have the cheat built directly into the hardware ... theres machine learning cheats that use simulations to train an ai ... theres literally cheats made using an arduino board ... the cheating community has been around since the dawn of gaming my man mostly all of the ways that are possible to exploit a system have been done, albeit most of the unique ones are done in private
  2. this is not true as proven by the takeover of the old neural network based console aimbot that was around and everyone was talking about it until they were sued off of the internet
  3. did you bother to actually read the cheat page?
  4. unless you're one of the people that had access to the old neural network cheat source for console that was leaked last year before it was completely removed from everything public, then no.
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