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  1. i tried it and it didnt work on cold war cause it just showed the locked keyboard mouse notification. But idk about other games
  2. aimkey - left mouse button fov 2-4 smooth 25-30 speed 7-8 enjoy
  3. aimbot settings or what? If so, I think like 7-8 speed, 30 smooth and 2 fov is good enough.
  4. i get this exact thing. have you solved it?
  5. I tried this on Cold War, and since aimbot key is X and binded to this, I keep getting "keyboard + mouse locked" in the top right corner everytime i press left trigger on my controller. Basically since it tells the pc to press "X" when i use left trigger. So how do i make this work without getting the locked thing in the corner?
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