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  1. Thx for answer, i purchased weekly pack, and i saw how it works, i can only say nice job to Aimex dev. team, program is very simple. Thing that i mostly like is control of Aim in the cheat, level of aim speed is thing that i looked for, i put aim speed to 30, fov on 30 and i have aim assist on mouse, and still looks like natural movement. GG guys
  2. Does warzone cheat has UAV? I mean, i want to try it but not to rage... So, i want to turn off all aim, recoil, and esp, but UAV/Radar cheat leave as gameplay cheat/assist... is that possible with Aimex warzone cheat? Second question is about safety of my hardware, what is the best way to protect my pc and internet from ban? I know that Aimex wasnt detected in last 1-2 year, but i want to be 1000% sure and hide my IP (maybe with VPN) and my hardware numbers. Tnx
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