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  1. Hello, pm me for any help (#SnoW1864).
  2. Hello, try again and it should work now. You can also contact us on discord for further assistance. Discord: https://aimexcheats.com/board/discord/invite/general/
  3. Admins will look into your suggestion. Thankyou for your suggestion.
  4. Hello sir, yes we are undetected since release and you need 3rd party remapping for using the controller. and for more information you also can contact us on discord.
  5. Hello sir, Currently we don't have unlock all, xp and dark ather options but we do have many options like Godmode, Instant kill, Radar distance and many more features in the zombie mode. We also have admin access in zombie mode which allows you to do major changes in the game itself and also you can give this feature to your friends (Lobby). TP to cross air, unlimited ammo, weak zombies, teleport to spawn etc and we are undetected since release. Please feel free to contact us on discord for further help.
  6. Hello sir, Please Pm me on Discord ( SnoW#3112 ) with your issue I'll help you with it.
  7. Yes, COD: Cold War is online and working. There is no FPS issues. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us. You can also join our discord server through here: https://aimexcheats.com/board/discord/invite/general/
  8. Please pm me on discord ( SnoW#3112 ) I’ll help you with it.
  9. Hello, we're not selling spoofers at the moment but you can use our cheats without any issues. We are undetected since release and you can play totally fine until unless you rage too much.
  10. Hello sir, warzone product and coldwar product are different so i don't think so its related to warzone product.
  11. Hello sir, Pubg is down at the moment.
  12. SnoW


    Discord is disabled at the moment.
  13. Hello, you can buy it from here. https://aimexcheats.com/board/store/
  14. Hello, yes OBS and Streamlab both work.
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