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  1. What game are you trying to get it to work on? Mw10/warzone and Vanguard antimicro will work with. Thanks,
  2. Hello, You can't cheat on console. The only way to cheat on PS4 is having an exploited PS4 which can NOT go online. Thanks,
  3. Hello, This is a very simple guide to get your controller to work with the Aimex Vanguard cheat. In mind assuring all the customers have the best software that won’t tank your performance or even cause some input lag AND it’s FREE unlike reWASD or xpaddle. Also this will allow you to use the aimbot with your controller while still on controller input! Simply download https://sourceforge.net/projects/antimicro.mirror/ and any controller you have plugged in, the program will display the function of buttons you push. This will work with XIM APEX players as well as this is what I use. Text setup: To setup your triggers you have “L Trigger” and “R Trigger” assign by left clicking and adding whatever you desire to be a function. Me, I have “L Trigger” as my “Y” which would be to aim down sight or you could also have “R trigger” as “whatever key”, this is the firing button on your controller so you wouldn’t be technically locking on. You can set them to any buttons you desire. Once you set whatever button you want to any specific key just “save as” and (always run) the application when you’re playing. Thanks, https://gyazo.com/18ad49879c5989c1dee938d5050fc603 Aimex.mp4
  4. This will support all controllers so even an elite controller, scuf or even a battle beaver. I can also suggest a USB footpedal off of Amazon that's what I use with the MW19 cheat. So I only toggle the aimbot when I feel like it without having it activate on ADS or when I'm firing my weapon. Thanks
  5. Hello, It's not a pic but it's also not a in depth video of the menu but on my thread I have footage of the menu. Not sure if that helps but hopefully it does.
  6. No that would be considered "HDMI loop" and it's not capable currently. You would have to project your screen and capture it with your streaming pc.
  7. It's not HDMI loop compatible. So Elgato capturing is a no go, unless your running OBS game capture -> projector -> via capturing the second pc.
  8. Like SnoW mentioned it is stream proof via OBS game capture and display capture. You could also use your Nvidia shadowplay if you use that.
  9. From some posts I remember on Elitepvpers, Infinite does work with 20h2. And yes you would and OR if you are running a cheat for rainbow, you would use the loader and inject first then spoof.
  10. Do you mind sending the discord user info here therefore the admins can ban that user if he's still in the actual aimexcheats discord. Thanks.
  11. Hello, You guys gotta make sure your NOT purchasing anywhere BUT here. Aimex does NOT offer anything like that and probably never will. https://aimexcheats.com/cheats Thanks.
  12. Hello, If you the store section on here (or the link below), they don't even offer anything like that. Definitely make sure you were not contacting someone else that isn't any of the admins or support members. Thanks https://aimexcheats.com/cheats
  13. #bump Also correct for some that have left replies about CW. This method will NOT with Cold War. MW19 / Warzone only.
  14. If you need any help do reply on either thread Thanks,
  15. It's in the works of getting supported.
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