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  1. Esto no está disponible para uso de consola, solo para PC.
  2. Yes this is fine. You would load the other cheat first then proceed to spoof.
  3. This is a feature implemented with the cheat. Most cheats will provide this just for a long term and profitable duration. Would be weird for sales and continue growth to not provide some sort of protection. So yes, it is implemented. Thanks,
  4. Yes, Aimex technically "Shutsdown" but the term would be more like Aimex does NOT auto update on updates so it'll be down for a few hours so they devs can run through and make sure 100% that nothing was changed. Thanks,
  5. Yes, recoil will work with or without the controller as it's not a controller input functionality input. So yes, it will work with. Thanks,
  6. Yes, recoil will work with or without the controller as it's not a controller input functionality input. So yes, it will work with. Thanks,
  7. Go ahead and jump on the Aimex Discord.
  8. jmb195

    Warzone menu

    Aim speed is how fast the aimbot will start to lock onto the enemy. The higher the number the faster it'll lock on. Go into a custom match with bots and turn it on 100 and mess around with your liking of wanting to "Rage" hack or adjust to playing "legit". Draw distance, is how are you want the cheat to draw enemies like distance. The less of the number the closer the enemies have to be for it to draw them, if they are a lot further the greater the distance number the more it'll display those further enemies. Thanks,
  9. See I don't play CW let alone haven't even played it all. So unsure on Anti Micro working on it and have seen people say it doesn't in this thread but then again in my thought they could maybe be setting up Anti Micro wrong. However for Modern Warfare I can definitely assist if your having issues there. Thanks, I can help you in Discord my discord name is MikeyFnBrennan#8425. You can tag me in the Aimex discord or message me privately Thanks,
  10. Are you playing Modern Warfare or Cold War? Thanks,
  11. I know when I play MW multiplayer if im using the cheat with Antimirco it'll say the same thing but it still works. You mind joining in on Aimex discord and jumping into a voice channel? I'll see if I can help. Thanks,
  12. Yes this doesn't cause any issues like Rewasd etc.
  13. Hello, Is this for MW warzone or cold war? I haven't played cold war but this will definitely work w/ the MW cheat just make sure to retest and make sure aimbot is set to "angle". You won't notice much on "mouse" aimbot. Thanks,
  14. No your fine I just was a bit confused but had an idea. Enjoy Aimex!
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