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  1. Yes, we don't support Amex Card for the time being.
  2. Yes our pubg cheat only supports nvidia graphic card for now.
  3. ZeuZ-.


    We are working on it. It will be released soon
  4. We don't have any delay/input lags in our cheat.
  5. Ok as i can see you are concerned about streamproof feature of cheat, So we have one feature called antiscreen shot which is enabled by default and nobody can see the cheat even if you are sharing your display on discord or any other streaming software.
  6. It has radar feature and for the esp we have visual check so it changes color when enemy is visible.
  7. ZeuZ-.


    We will release cold war in few days, currently setting up the servers and loader
  8. Yes, its streamproof with all the softwares.
  9. Yes it working and undetected since release
  10. ZeuZ-.


    We don't provide spoofer but you can use your own.
  11. Undetected since release and you can use spoofer if you dont want to use your original hwid.
  12. No, You have to buy spoofer separately.
  13. Its a external cheat therefore it will not run in fullscreen, Only fullscreen borderless and window mode and also due to the fact its external you will lose something around 10-15 Fps.
  14. https://aimexcheats.com/clients/purchases/
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