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  1. Contact staff on Discord.
  2. Down sadly, so it isn't updated.
  3. A spoofer will change your HWID. So if you get banned, your original hardware won't be effected. All prices are visible in the purchase category: You can follow my guide (if you want to) which will explain a few things about using a cheetoh: After purchasing, you will receive a key which can be redeemed directly in your cheat panel: External means, that it is a separate software.
  4. Sorry, I didnt left it as standard. I've changed player colors. Visible enemies are red & allies are green.
  5. You can find my settings here. For ESP, it's left as standard.
  6. It's down for maintenance w/o ETA I'm afraid. You should probably get a different one if you do not want to wait for it to be up again.
  7. Someone created a same topic with that question.
  8. Cant look up now, cause it's getting updated. Are you looking for a specific game? It does support others like EFT as well.
  9. This market is doomed. If you sell there, everything gets detected and it will destroy the game even more. PUBG is probably the best example for it.
  10. I've received mine after talking to a mod on Discord. Yet, i purchased the spoofer before that.
  11. I wouldn't recommend using EO anyway, since they are actively on Activisions radar and will probably get targeted again in a few month or so. Try reaching out on Discord mate. Aimex staff is very supportive and can help you out there if you'll open a ticket. Otherwise, you can also use the forums support section. Open a ticket on discord. You will be guided on how to pay with an alternative method. Same answer as above. Only the staff will be able to assist you here.
  12. They don't like giving ETA, which I understand. People will be upset if you can not keep your word. From my experience, the update can take a few days. You might want to relax and play something else. 🙂
  13. Open a ticket in discord. You will be instructed there on how to pay.
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