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  1. You may check the Detection History here:
  2. Here: https://aimexcheats.com/board/settings/panel/
  3. There's always a risk of getting banned when using illegal software. Its better if you use it on an alt account. And most of the users here has no problem with the injection. If you have any issue regarding to that, feel free to join the discord channel and create a ticket.
  4. It is not allowed to use it on multiple PCs.
  5. Join discord man, https://aimexcheats.com/board/discord/invite/general/ and create a ticket.
  6. Google Translate: hello or I can download the spoofer I just bought I bought the spoofer but I forgot to connect without wanting it how I do it. Go here: https://aimexcheats.com/board/settings/panel/ or if you have any issue, please join the discord and create a ticket there.
  7. Hi, yes. It is safe to use credit card option. If you're unsure, you may try the other payment option such as Paypal or Cryptocurrency.
  8. Maybe your bank doesn't let you pay via card. You may use other payment option like Cryptocurrency.
  9. Which game you are referring to?
  10. They will announce it on discord once its updated. So for the meantime you will need more patience.
  11. In that case, you need to create a ticket on discord so the staff will be able to help you out.
  12. The info you're looking for is here: Cod wz media:
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