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    1. I got all my answers now on Discord. I ended up buying a usb memory stick just in case, since I have the game itself installed on the external harddisk. So ready to buy the 1 month Cold War cheat later today. Case closed.
    2. Okay, so at least I got replies on some of my questions on Discord after 8 hours, but I have one final question. I was told that the Cold War cheat runs thru usb. My question is then this: I have en external harddisk (Seagate) that runs thru USB. Is that okay, or does it have to be an usb memory stick? I need too buy a USB memory stick if that is the case. There are so little information about the hacks itself, so that is why I ask so many questions beforehand. Would have been bad if I bought the cheat a saturday evening and then find out I need a Usb memory stick, and needed to wait to
    3. Okay thanks. Just opened a ticket on discord now. Are you using the Cold War cheat btw?
    4. Okay thanks. I just want a month at a time. I am going to pay with Visa card, and I do not want it to renew automatic. So maybe I was a little mistaken at that question. More like. Is it going to charge me automatic again then in a month, or are 1 month what is says, 1 month? About the last question, I would like to know that beforehand. I do not have an external usb memory stick. That`s why I am eager to know.
    5. I just need a reply to my questions and then I am ready to pay for a month. The case why I asked about the usb stick is because it says the cheat are external. No idea what that means.
    6. And one last thing. Do I need to own a usb stick to run this hack? Or is the loader runned directly from the computer? I think i am done asking questions now. Hoping for a fast reply too my questions.
    7. And one more thing I forgot to ask: It is a one time payment, right? Not a subscription?
    8. Hi. I have heard good things about this Cold War cheat from elitepvpers. I am interested in buying 1 month Cold War. A few questions. 1. I play on a controller on my computer. I will not use the aimbot. Only the ESP. Will that work with the controller? 2. Are there a lots of complicated things to setup to inject the loader? 3. I have a legit profile/account on my PS4. If I get banned on this PC account. Will that also affect my PS4 profile? Those accounts are not linked in anyway. So my question is maybe if it is a i.p ban or "just" computer bans? I can`t risk my legit ps4 prof
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