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  1. https://i.imgur.com/XG50Xwi.png It is working. Just join the Discord for the newest Informations everytime.
  2. @Coltron don't forget this here make now the Giveaway you fag ??
  3. @Coltron now Roll the Giveaway with Video Proof and if i win don't cut it out ?
  4. Hey, Just Reinstall Windows to clear the Tracking Files, use a Spoofer and Purchase Aimex and you are good to go.
  5. Hey, You can try to use it with your Controller but it won't work since it's for PC. You can try to use some Software for your XBOX Controller that as example Left mouse button your shoot Button is on your Controller.
  6. How i know there is no Trial only one Week or one Month Subscriptions. What you could do is but what i don't think will work write @Coltron a Private Message about a Trial but the Chances are like 0.1%. Regards, OxyGen
  7. Good luck to everyone PS: Add Pepe Emotes to "Emojis" ;-; takes only 1 minute ;-;
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