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Lifetime only?

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8 hours ago, DAN6ER_RISS said:

Do you have a month to month?  I wanted to try cheat before I spend that kind of cash.

COD Warzone was down for update, thats why we took the sales down for a few hours.

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On 5/7/2021 at 5:48 PM, Ashley.G said:

not for the month but we can give you some discount when you purchase lifetime

Hi, iam interested in warzone lifetime ,what discount would it be? can you pay with paypal?  i have written moderators for discord but not response..


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19 hours ago, blau_wal said:

Is lifetime only for warzone or also for upcoming cods??

Only for Warzone updates. For example the Cold War update on Warzone was included for free.

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