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Cold War Zombies HACK HWID Banning

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Hello, So from a bunch of my friends, they are stating they get hwid banned from hosting the XP zombie lobbies. I look foward to buying the Cold war hacks and using the zombies admin tool, but when i look under the section to purchase, there is NO HWID spoofer, but it shows the HWID Spoofer undetected on the status page. So my question is, does each cheat come with a spoofer? I have a 3090 build and dont want my shit to be perma fucked from not using a HWID spoofer.


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The HWID Spoofer is a seperated product which we sell. It is currently down for update.

We highly recommend using INFINITE as a spoofer.

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I recommend Smbios while they're down. Some of my friends and I use it for Warzone, Ring of Elysium, EFT, PUBG, Rainbow-Six. I don't recommend it for EAC games though.

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