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Warzone Cheat

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Does warzone cheat has UAV?
I mean, i want to try it but not to rage...
So, i want to turn off all aim, recoil, and esp, but UAV/Radar cheat leave as gameplay cheat/assist... is that possible with Aimex warzone cheat?

Second question is about safety of my hardware, what is the best way to protect my pc and internet from ban?
I know that Aimex wasnt detected in last 1-2 year, but i want to be 1000% sure and hide my IP (maybe with VPN) and my hardware numbers. Tnx 

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Thanks for reaching out to us.
Yes, we do have radar feature and you can also customize the settings according to your gameplay.
We are undetected since release and you don't need spoofer unless you rage.
Spoofer is necessary in case if you already got banned before in COD.
You can also contact us on discord for further assistance.
Discord: https://aimexcheats.com/board/discord/invite/general/

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Thx for answer,
i purchased weekly pack, and i saw how it works, i can only say nice job to Aimex dev. team, program is very simple.
Thing that i mostly like is control of Aim in the cheat, level of aim speed is thing that i looked for, i put aim speed to 30, fov on 30 and i have aim assist on mouse, and still looks like natural movement. GG guys

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