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Hello, i am interested in 3 games's lifetime purchases, i use different providers for each one of them, and i am looking for the best provider features wise, do you offer keys for testing? 1h, 1d, i'd pay for 1d.
Games i am interested in are Apex, PUBG, R6S. I currently have a 90d sub for apex with a different provider, suspended PUBG and R6S because they got detected and apparently exit'd.

My issue with the current Apex provider i have is mainly Prediction for the aimbot.

My concern with PUBG is detection.

I have 2 lifetime spoofers, perma and non-perma, so i can test providers taking HWID bans out of the equation.

If the answer is no, then videos from users or yourself would help me decide as well. Thank you.

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