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I cannot find any information about the cheat  and I have bought 2 cheats this past week that were supposed to be the best of them all and 1 made my game crash every 1-2 matches and the other was basically a scam and wasted 8 hours of my time online with a rep trying to get it fixed? What is different about this?

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We are sorry for the bad experience you had with other providers.
As for us, we are undetected since release and using highest level of kernel drivers to bypass the COD anticheat system. 
We take extra security measure after each game update to ensure safety and optimization.
Everything is instant, as soon as your payment gets confirmed you will get access to loader and instructions.
Instructions are pretty simple and no need for special changes. Basically download and run.
If you encounter any issues or need more information feel free to contact us on discord so we can further assist you.
Discord: https://aimexcheats.com/board/discord/invite/general/

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