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Mw2 DMZ mode

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Honestly I just want to be able to get ahead of those freaking bots and maybe some players but I seen someone ask about DMZ and you said bots aren’t supported what exactly those that mean? And wha is the “chair” thanks.

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the chair is the software you buying from this page. And yes you right bots in dmz are not suported. that meanss you have no visuals or aim against bots. vs real players in dmz is all working 😉

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sorry there i got a little inpatien, so evrything still good undetected? im using a ps5 controll anything extra that i need? im not on mouse and keyboard.


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39 minutes ago, Trensetter11 said:

It’s ok the bots have gotten like 1% easier lol, now I’m just interested in the other stuff. I noticed the prices are in pounds I only got US currency.

We have our prices listed in euros and we do support all currencies. 
You can purchase it with Crypto, CreditCard, SOFORT, GiroPay and Bank transfer.

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