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I am interested in both CoD products and had a few questions.

In Regards to the Warzone Cheat, do you have a prediction scale for bullet velocity and bullet drop?  Mainly being snipers at a longer range, or with any weapon when it comes to Vehicles, or if someone is Flying in and if they're running?  Does the WZ also have it to where you can select any key as your aimkey?

In Regards to the CW Cheat, are the smoothing features humanized?  Has a legit feel to it, but can also have an edge over your opponent regardless of the weapon attachments? 

Furthermore, when these two get integrated, will there still be a separate option for WZ and CW or do they combine?

Thank you for your time.


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Guest WolfeX

Thanks for reaching at us.

1. As of now warzone cheat don't have aim prediction but will be added in near future. All though we have two type of aimbots for different styles of gameplay, see which you suit you best and also you can bind any key for aimbot (i personally use alt).

2. Yes, its humanized and we have auto fov feature as well to change aim radius according to your scope. You can set aim smoothing according to your gameplay style both legit and rage.

3. As of now i am not sure what will happen next, i guess we have to wait and see what happens.

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