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Questions regarding detections of PUBG, APEX and COD

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I have been a lifetime customer on a different cheat provider as of now but want to move on due to many detections (Ring-1).
Can you tell me how often your cheat has been detected for the games above? Also do i need to heavily modify my PC software for it?
Looking forward to get a customer.

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We are very open and clear with our detection history.

All our cheats except R6S have never been detected. R6S had a loader detection 2-3 months ago. APEX, PUBG and aboth COD Cheats are fully undetected.

You can check the history here: https://aimexcheats.com/forums/topic/50-detection-history/

As for the setup, it depends on the cheat. Apex and PUBG are download and run and dont require any changes. Both COD products my require you to to install some runtimes. We provide documentation on all our products:

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