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Giveaway [ENDING 11.10.2020]


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good luck folks and thank you for the lottery

edit (I guess I should have entered on time)

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I punched a fly today, I don't know whether I should be proud or ashamed. Things have been quiet around here lately, only the dogs and cats are here to keep me company. Yet, I find myself always locking myself in my room shutting them out, further throwing myself into the darkness. I once used to find gaming fun and exciting, but I quickly came to realize that it wasn't the games I was drawn to, it was my friends. I would spend hours talking and joking around with these so called 'friends', but slowly they started dissipating one by one. Soon I found myself struggling with my introversion, and my need for human interaction that I grabbed at any attention I could get. I found myself apologizing for having fun, for bothering someone if they were playing with other people. I was afraid that they would run away.. 



Yeah I cant keep that up anymore xD. I'm bored and I have no friends.


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