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  1. Thank you, I realised as soon as I sent the message that I hadn't checked my email. Everything was there and the instructions were simple even to a computer idiot like me. Thank you for a great service!
  2. Hi, I just bought cold war one month cheats but when i went to download it said there was nothing to download and when i check my order its says the same. The money has left my account, can someone help me please?
  3. I just bought the one month cold war cheats but when i pressed downloads nothing happened and it says i have nothing to download, the money has been taken from my account. Can someone help me please.
  4. Thank you for getting back to me with answers, it's refreshing and appreciated. 👍
  5. Thank you for your reply, as long as I can have some assistance I'm more than happy to proceed. I will join your Discord server later, and as soon as my laptop arrives I will be purchasing. Do I have to run Windows 10 for cold War hacks?
  6. I'm not very computer savy, I currently play on an x box series x with a cronus and it's ok but now the game I play Cold War is flooded with series cheaters. I am going to buy a laptop just so I can play with your hacks, is there a guide from step 1 to finish because I will need it. Thank you.
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