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  4. If the cheat is detected you will be banned in the future. This is so they can ban as many people as possible before the provider puts the cheat offline. When you are reported your trust factor lowers until you are shadow banned. When you are shadow banned you are put in lobbies with other cheaters for 8 days and then put back in normal lobbies. If you don't want to get banned stop cheating. Simple.
  5. Does the spoofer supports fivem (Gta v)?
  6. Last week
  7. From my experience you are fine after your done with cheat my friend
  8. Hello sir, you can purchase it via Card, BTC and Bank transfer. :)
  9. Yes, we don't support Amex Card for the time being.
  10. Hi, I am using cheats for Warzone. I want to discuss what about when my key expire and I decide not to cheat again. It is still undetected in further, if there comes new anti cheat update so they can not find out I was cheating? Also how does report work, if you get reported? They spectate you in background to see if is report real, or how? Thanks
  11. I can't purchase the COD MW using my amex card. It says there's trouble processing. Is this because it's an amex or something else?
  12. You can stream with the hacks, nothing will show.
  13. somebody knows if cold war hacks are external so i can stream and no show the hacks?
  14. The spoofer is currently down for update.
  15. Cant really understand your question. What do you mean by limit? 🙂
  16. Spoofer is currently down for update.
  17. #bump for controller customers seeking help
  18. I want to know where pubg will post information if it is updated to cheat
  19. I noticed at the bottom of the HWID spoofer page it said that it requires Win 1909 or prior. Is this still accurate? If so, are there other HWID spoofers that are recommended to use with newer versions of Windows? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello, I was able to purchase the 1 week subscription but unfortunately, I have provided the wrong email address after paying with my CC. I was able to get the License Key after the purchase but was routed to sign up. Need help on this one ASAP.
  21. I have money (Thank Allah/God) and i like to upgrade machines. For LT COD is it okay to request a new license or is there a limit?
  22. Does spoofer support rust?
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