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Question about detection after perma ban

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Hi I'm interested to buy  ur cheat  but I have a question...

I got perma ban on my old account by activision because of detected cheat from other provider, actually I play on new account and now I'm after shadow ban and I can play normally.  The question is if I inject ur cheat will I get shadowed/perma baned again ? 

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Hello Trex1991, 
First you have to check if you are HWID Banned or not 
To check that just play some games with new account without any cheats and see if you got shadow ban.
if you got banned on that account you are hwid banned in that case you need spoofer to play and if its not banned you can use any cheats.
our cheats are undetected since release so you will be fine using our cheats 
for more details contact us on Discord 
discord -  https://discord.gg/YK2pHwbv


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Thank you fast answer,  like I wrote in post i was 10 days shadow banned on this new account,  and now I was playing after this shadow ban without problems for about 5 days .  Thank you for help 

With  Best Regards 


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