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First Time Buyer.

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Hey everyone! 

Looking to get a chair for Warzone. 
This is my first time buying a chair so I have a few questions. 
little back story, I have an account on my Laptop that I use for gaming that I have a permanent ban on. (I wasn’t even cheating. This is what drove me to start) 

Laptop I use for gaming is an Alienware X17r1.      
I play on M&K. And use a monitor as an extension as my game not the laptop screen. 

1- Do I need to run a spoofer? 
If yes, what is the spoofer I need to run? 
If yes, do you run the spoofer before injecting the chair.

2- Do I need to disable my anti-virus on my laptop? 

3- Are there any other purchases I need to make in order for the Warzone chair to work (WinRaw) etc….

4- Can I use the chair in full screen mode or does it have to be boarderless etc… 

5- Is there a video tutorial for setting up? 

Thank you for your time. 

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1. First check whether you are HWID ban or not. Create new account and play for few days. If you don't get permanent ban, you are good to go.
- We recommend using permanent spoofer to get rid of HWID ban/Flag.
- Permanent spoofer is only one time spoof. If you are using temporary spoofer, inject cheat first and after that spoofer.

2. Yes, cheat loaders are protected and obfuscated by VMProtect. Such protection tools throw a false positive when getting scanned by an anti-virus. You have to disable windows security and antivirus. You can look it up by searching for "Enigma false positive" or VMProtect false positive"

3. Instructions are pretty simple and no need for special changes. Basically download and run. If you need any assistance setting it up, we will be happy to help you via screen share or team viewer. 

4. We are external and only support "Full screen borderless and Window" game screen.

5 Yes, after the purchase you will get access to instructional video and cheat loader.

You can also contact us on discord for more information.
Discord: https://aimexcheats.com/board/discord/invite/general/

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