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  4. Hello, Loader dependencies is all in one tool that installs all necessary and basic software's to run the game and cheat. It includes: 1. Visual C++ Redistributable (all versions) 2. Microsoft.net 3. DirectX (all versions) 4. Windows security tool.
  5. Hello I was just wondering what are loader dependencies and what settings are the best to run the hack ?
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  7. Admins will look into your suggestion. Thankyou for your suggestion.
  8. Since aimex is an overlay, add an option to blur out your name if possible? Mayve even if its just on main menu.
  9. Hello, This is a very simple guide to get your controller to work with the Aimex Vanguard cheat. In mind assuring all the customers have the best software that won’t tank your performance or even cause some input lag AND it’s FREE unlike reWASD or xpaddle. Also this will allow you to use the aimbot with your controller while still on controller input! Simply download https://sourceforge.net/projects/antimicro.mirror/ and any controller you have plugged in, the program will display the function of buttons you push. This will work with XIM APEX players as well as this is what I use. Text setup: To setup your triggers you have “L Trigger” and “R Trigger” assign by left clicking and adding whatever you desire to be a function. Me, I have “L Trigger” as my “Y” which would be to aim down sight or you could also have “R trigger” as “whatever key”, this is the firing button on your controller so you wouldn’t be technically locking on. You can set them to any buttons you desire. Once you set whatever button you want to any specific key just “save as” and (always run) the application when you’re playing. Thanks, https://gyazo.com/18ad49879c5989c1dee938d5050fc603 Aimex.mp4
  10. Hey, our Warzone Cheat will include the Vanguard update for free. There will be a seperate cheat for the Vanguard game itself.
  11. Hey, I'm considering buying a lifttime subscription. I have a question: will your WZ / MW19 cheat also contain the new warzone map after the integration of Vanguard or will Warzone then become part of a Vanguard cheat? Thanks for your help!
  12. Hello, 1. Yes, we support controller through third party remapping software's. 2. We are not selling spoofer at the moment. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
  13. I’m on PC but use Xbox elite series 2 controller would this work ?
  14. I’ve been waiting on this for a while trying to contact them on the same answer with no reply yet, think there just more focused on vanguard and battlefield 2042 keeping warzone in detected etc. Apex is on a back burner but don’t know for certain just my opinion
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  16. Hello, Both COD: Warzone and COD: Cold War are undetected since release. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions. You can also join our discord server to get latest game updates. Discord Link: https://aimexcheats.com/board/discord/invite/general/
  17. This will support all controllers so even an elite controller, scuf or even a battle beaver. I can also suggest a USB footpedal off of Amazon that's what I use with the MW19 cheat. So I only toggle the aimbot when I feel like it without having it activate on ADS or when I'm firing my weapon. Thanks
  18. Hello sir, yes we are undetected since release and you need 3rd party remapping for using the controller. and for more information you also can contact us on discord.
  19. last question does no recoil work with control as well
  20. and if you do can it be changed to left trigger and right trigger
  21. has the aimex chair ever been detected in wz also what is it streamproff with and does the aimbot work with controller
  22. Can you link a video for the cheat menu/cheats associated with warzone?
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