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  1. hi i am looking for help 

    1. MrNinja


      yes!!! how can i help you?

  2. Paypal will be online on website today or tomorrow.
  3. Yes, you can change distance upto 1 meter to 1000 meter and it has all option for esp like show names, health, skeleton, visibility check etc and if you any other question you can also join our discord server by synching your discord account on website.
  4. Only BTC at our website and we dont offer any resellers for R6.
  5. Yes, it comes with tons of features including unlock all
  6. hello is your Hack working on Ps4 thank you

    1. OxyGen


      No it's not working.

  7. Yes but its not available to everyone because its slotted. Join our discord for further information DISCORD
  8. Yes, It supports both intel and amd processor and all window versions (1803-2004).
  9. cheat is not down admins are adding some features it will be up in this week
  10. yes, as i can see you are already in our discord server
  11. hello, pussySlayer we are having some technical issue with the paypal, if you wanna purchase now you can purchase via BTC, which cheat you wanna purchase? join our DISCORD server you will get all the information there. or you can check our video
  12. Hello, If you are purchasing through paypal/shoppy you will get your key on Email address you gave us and discord id is for joining Aimex discord server. Also, yes we know COD does lot of updates in every few days and our admins are working on it constantly. So even if cheat gets down due to game updates, it wont stay down for more than few hours and if update is taking more than few hours you will get compensated for the lost time
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